Mobile UI Design: 7 Basic Typography Rules


Goom Express delivered its first order in September 2021 through its courier APP. You can choose a specific date and time for delivery, and it can begin processing your order almost immediately after it is received. Goom Express designed the app with the help of Mr.VTSHREERAM, an Award-winning UX UI Designer, and developed an app for couriers to make deliveries as quick and easy as possible. Within seven minutes, the nearest courier with the highest rating is assigned. The system assigns the closest and highest-scoring courier. Most probably, our delivery service will be the fastest you have ever experienced.

User Experience

We developed a novel delivery strategy for users in a specific area in the mobile app - they can receive multiple orders simultaneously! This saves time and money if the same client is delivering these orders to multiple locations. We accomplished this by integrating AI into our delivery system, which automatically selects a single person from a team on foot who is capable of performing the task quickly and efficiently.


Every use case problem can be made possible by providing a better design. When developing any project, UX design will determine how user-friendly the system will be. Therefore, UX designers are the main people who are responsible for the system of usability. To create a great UX design, UX designers will have to do some types of research to find out what actual user expectation is. By the research, UX designers will create a UX design of a user-centric system that includes not only function but also usability.


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