TVS, India



TVS Sensing Solutions, a world-renowned Indian auto components manufacturer, has partnered with Cebi for the promotion of Cebi's products in the Indian market. Established in Luxembourg in 2002 by Jean-Marc Imdalle, Cebi is focused on manufacturing innovations that meet current and future global demands from customers. In addition to being a key manufacturer of parts for the automotive industry, Cebi also manufactures temperature sensors, based on patents developed by Jean-Marc Imdalle and his team. In 2014, Cebi acquired German temperature sensor maker Homematic GmbH to expand its presence in Europe while securing a stronghold over markets through clever acquisitions including Singapore’s TouchSense Technology at the end of 2017.


User Experience

Effective collaboration was important in getting the job done at a sleek pace. For example, one could not have a website without content, and designing a user interface without describing to the client how it would work in their product showcase would be plain impossible. The branding turned out well and we had positive feedback from staff members about their User Experience Strategy. This strategy involved effective collaboration between staff members in all different departments because every single role played an important part in making it work!



Reaching out to new audiences, standing out from competitors, and assisting our die-hard followers in realizing the value we provide are all essential components of our overall strategy. Our brand stands out from others because of its unique feel, impression, and patterns that are derived from original designs. For this reason, we have won the hearts and loyalty of thousands of people by consistently providing them with something different. The fact they are working with us makes them feel as if they are participating in a new activity where they can always learn or discover something new.