Teetra, USA



Teetra is the world's first decentralized online art gallery marketplace. It is a platform that provides a different way for art enthusiasts to discover local artworks from primary and secondary art markets at normalized rates. In addition, Teetra's use of blockchain technology provides a secure, transparent, and efficient method of selling and buying artworks. Teetra is changing the way people collect, share, and buy art!


User Experience

It is very challenging to convince art buyers to buy a design through a mobile application. It is difficult for them to buy because they cannot feel the design, strokes, mediums that artists use to showcase. The reason is that the application is visual and they want to feel different designs. The solution provided was to convince them to feel about smile patterns and deep vision and machine learning with the use of the visual application. These were the solutions to create a better user experience for the buyers.



We have created a system with a mobile app and a website, where the buyers can place the art of their choice in any location of their home without buying it. If the art catches their eye, they can order it through the website or the mobile app. Thanks to augmented reality technology, we have made it possible for people to have beautiful artwork in every corner of their homes.